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The amount of finished compost you’ll need depends on how much compost tea you’re going to brew. Make sure you use well rotten down compost or similar ;

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It can be tap water that sits for 24 hours or, for a really organic experience, rainwater.

Compost tea recipe 5 gallon. We like to use 5 gallon paint strainer bags just to simplify the brewing process of making compost tea and they are very easy to clean. If you want to use an aerator, we’ve outlined an aerobic compost tea recipe further down. Add 4 gallons of water (rain or well water is best because it is not chlorinated but city water will work).

Of course you can reduce this recipe proportionally if you want to brew smaller batches. Add fresh water to a 5 gallon bucket until mostly full. After being brewed, the resulting tea should be diluted either 3:1 for weak tea or 2:1 for strong tea.

Now that we have everything setup and ready to go, we can start combining the ingredients and brewing our compost tea. While this size was effective, i found myself needing to make the tea fairly often… more often than i usually had the time for. Here is my aerated, brewed worm compost tea recipe:

It can be mixed and applied without a brew cycle. 1.5 gallon of composting material. The following directions are for brewing compost tea in a 5 gallon bucket, but they can be applied to a compost tea brewer of any style.

Put roughly 4 to 6 cups of finished worm castings (without a tea bag) into a 5 gallon bucket. Fill ⅓ of the bucket with your compost So here’s my very simple compost tea recipe.

What i needed was a “bigger operation”. This simple compost tea recipe doesn't require many supplies in addition to the main ingredients. Brew for 24‐48 hours 5 into 50 gallons 5 into 300 gallons high phosphorous guano (smallest particle size best) 1 cup 2‐3 cups molasses 1 oz 2‐3 oz true blooms 10‐20 ml 20‐30 ml please note this flower tea is not for nutrients, but to culture phosphorous solubilizing bacteria

What you need to make compost tea. For a 5 gallon brew, you will need the following ingredients: If it’s about 5 gallons, you’ll need to use about 4 cups of finished compost.

I never measure, just throw in a few handfuls of vermicompost. Put the bag in your 5 gallon brew bucket be sure to not let the bag sit on the bottom of the bucket. 1 cup earth worm castings/vermicompost;

For 20 gallons, you’ll need about 16 cups of compost. I start with anywhere from a quart to maybe a gallon of leachate from the worm bin or from run of the mill compost. Ensure air stones or soaker hose bubbler is in place and functioning correctly.

5 gallon act tea brew (recommended recipe) 1.25 cups of earthworm castings. The first recipe would be a nutrient tea as there is no compost (biology) in the brew. Here is a simple compost tea recipe:

1/2 cup of kis microbe catalyst. Mix all dry ingredients in the 5 gallon strainer bag and zip tie the bag closed. Hi phil, with the compost tea recipe above, from a 5 gallon container of water you mentioned to go one gallon of water, but how much ingredients would i need to use with one gallon (because i have a small aerator not an industrial cutting the ingredients by 80%, i am not sure how to do this, can you pls help.

If you only have tap water let it stand for 2 days to dechlorinate 6 tbsp unsulphured blackstrap molasses; So i keep things real simple and focus on other aspects of my gardening.

Fill bucket with unchlorinated water. This recipes will brew a 50 gallon batch of compost tea. This method takes the compost tea brewing to a bigger level.

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