It’s hot enough once you can stick a wooden skewer into the oil and see bubbles appear around it. Delicious vegetarian empanadas with avocado, […]

To make this mule cocktail variation you are going to need the following 3 ingredients: Pour in mezcal and ice. Toast To The Season […]

This adds for a nice garnish and display! Note that this will provide a light vegetal flavor as well. Moscow Mule Recipe Classic Cocktail […]

However, there are some secrets to making the soup juicy and delicious: I have made this soup with a small whole chicken, and a […]

A traditional mexican sauce made with ground ancho and guajillo chiles that has the consistency of a thick bbq sauce , i’ll show you […]

Fill a highball or tom collins glass with ice (we like it crushed but cubes work too!) then add the tequila, lime juice, soda, […]